• turbocharged-excel-spreadsheets

    Turbocharge Your Spreadsheets with Excel Macros

    By | Published August 23, 2012

    In this post our VBA for Excel trainer Mark explains how using macros is like turbocharging your car. It also helps eliminate human error! If Rolls Royce says it’s “Ok to turbo”, then it’s “Ok to turbo”… …if the Boss says it’s “Ok to Macro”, then it’s “Ok to macro”! There was a time (for […]

  • excel-if-statement

    Using IF Statements in Excel

    By | Published July 18, 2012

    The IF statement is a useful function of Microsoft Excel that can save a great deal of time spent on analysing and annotating data manually. It’s a versatile, advanced, formula that can be combined with other formulae where needed. This is exactly the sort of thing we’ll teach you in our Advanced Excel course. If […]

  • Sparklines in Excel 5

    How to Create a Sparkline in Excel

    By | Published June 26, 2012

    Adding a sparkline graph to your Excel spreadsheet is an effective way of summarising your data in a visual aid, without having to take up space with a detailed graph. Microsoft Excel 2010 has a built-in sparklines feature, but you can easily create them in Excel 2007 – tutorial below. Our public Microsoft Excel for […]

  • How to Print From Excel

    By | Published June 12, 2012

    Printing from Excel can be a confusing task, especially when you have a large spreadsheet that needs to be easily read when printed. How many times have you hit the ‘print’ button before remembering that you don’t need the whole thing, or need it to all fit on one page? The first thing to remember […]

  • sales totals excel formula tutorial

    How to Reference Cells from Other Worksheets in a Formula

    By | Published May 22, 2012

    This tutorial is covered on our Beginners Excel course, if you want to learn some more complex techniques then take a look at our Advanced Excel course outline. When constructing large spreadsheets it is likely that you will need to cross-reference data from different worksheets. An example of this could be monthly figures on individual worksheets […]

  • microsoft-office-15-preview

    What To Expect From Microsoft Office 15

    By | Published May 4, 2012

    Microsoft Office 15 is likely to be released late in 2012, or early 2013, with a public beta likely to show its face this summer. Its official name is likely to be determined by the year of release (let’s hope for Microsoft Office 2012 then!). The current technical Preview beta version is private, and users […]

  • Excel Dice Tutorial

    How to Create a Dice Roller in Microsoft Excel 2007

    By | Published April 27, 2012

    Use this Microsoft Excel tutorial to create your own dice roller, but why would you need to use Excel to roll your dice? You’ve decided to have a family night in and play Cluedo. You open up the box, set up the game and go to start. One problem: you’re missing the dice. You frantically […]

  • Excel Tutorial – How to Use the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions

    By | Published April 2, 2012

    This is a simple tutorial in just one of many easily overlooked Microsoft Excel functions. If you find lots of gaps like these in your Excel knowledge then one of our tailor-made Excel training courses will be just what you need. We have public courses in Beginners Excel Training and Advanced Excel Training, and we […]

  • How to Create Drop Down Lists in Microsoft Excel

    By | Published March 27, 2012

    Sometimes, you just need to know how to do one thing in Excel and tutorial such as this is just what you need. However, if you find yourself always looking up how to do things and spending longer looking for solutions than actually using them then you should consider a Microsoft Excel Training course. Our […]

  • Microsoft Excel Tutorial: Scenarios

    By | Published March 9, 2012

    This week’s Microsoft Excel tutorial is from one of our excellent Excel trainers, Jane. In this tutorial Jane shows us how to set up and show scenarios using Excel’s What-If tools. For more in-depth training in Excel come to Brighton for an Excel Workshop. We have courses for all levels including: Beginners Excel Training Advanced […]

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