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advanced microsoft excel trainingExcel spreadsheets are most commonly used for financial uses, such as balance sheets and profit and loss accounts – however Excel is also invaluable for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Keeping track of all of your keywords and inbound links can be a time consuming business – but having a well set up Excel spreadsheet can make the process much easier.


This SEO Excel spreadsheet has a number of worksheets with templates for a variety of SEO lists, so all you need to do is enter the data as you go along.

This will not only help you be more organised with your link building activity – but will make it easier to chunk your work in to themed areas of activity and come back to it over time – SEO work can be rather repetitive and boring if you don’t break it all up!

The SEO Spreadsheet contains the following worksheets (which you can access via the tabs at the bottom)

Keywords List

For logging the keywords you identify for anchor text links in keyword research activity

Link Partners

For logging suitable Link partners (in relevant industries) to exchange links with


Log which online directories you have registered your site with here

Blog and Forums –

You need to be commenting on blogs and forums and linking back to relevant content on your site to make the most of Social Media as an opportunity for Link Building. Log all of this activity on this worksheet

PR Sites –

List good places to submit press releases with links here.

Link Request –

Keep track of who you have requested links from, and whether they have accepted or not.

Paid Listings –

Track all of your paid links and how much you’ve spent on them – Excel is great for this as it can keep a running total of expenditure.

Link Tracker –

Track how heavily you are link building to certain areas of your site, to make sure you don’t over on under do it.

Link Request Template –

Remember that requesting links means contacting real people! Use this request template as a starting point.


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