How to Create a Dice Roller in Microsoft Excel 2007

Use this Microsoft Excel tutorial to create your own dice roller, but why would you need to use Excel to roll your dice?

Excel Dice Tutorial

You’ve decided to have a family night in and play Cluedo. You open up the box, set up the game and go to start. One problem: you’re missing the dice. You frantically check all the other games; Monopoly,  Yahtzee, Risk and even Battleships – which doesn’t even have dice. As usual, there are none to be found – they’ve all disappeared. Probably down the back of the sofa or under some boxes in the wardrobe.

For some, this means that family night is over. For others, it’s time to open up Excel and create their own dice roller!

How to create a dice roller in Microsoft Excel 2007

New Excel SpreadsheetStep 1: Open up a blank spreadsheet in Excel.

Step 2: Select cell A1. From the Cells Menu within the Home Tab, select ‘Row Height’ from the Format drop down and enter 41. This makes all of Row 1 square cells.

Excel Change Row Height

Step 3: Enter the formula =INT(RAND()*6)+1 into cell A1.

Create Dice In Excel 2007

Step 4: Press F9 to roll your die, simply copy the formula into another cell if you want two or more dice. While you do have your dice working now, they don’t look very dicey, so here are some quick tips for formatting the cell. This is a great chance to show your kids (if you have any!) how to do some basic tricks in Excel.

Excel Dice Tutorial: Formatting Your Cells to Look Like Dice

Step 1: Center the text: Select cell A1 and center horizontally and vertically.

Center Cells Excel Dice

Step 2: Make the number bigger: Select cell A1, change the font to Times New Roman (or any font of your choice), font size to 28 and make it bold.

Excel Dice Tutorial Formatting

Step 3: Add a border: From the drop down menu for borders, select ‘Thick Outside Border’. This formatting actually looks better if you do it outside of Column A, Row 1 so use format painter to move your die into cell B2 and then clear A1 (or follow the steps above again)

Applying Thick Border Excel 2007

Step 4: Copy and paste the cell into D2, and now you have a set of dice ready to play your game of Cluedo! Just press F9 to roll.

Excel Dice Tutorial Finished


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Oz du Soleil says:

Thanks for this Andy. It’s pretty cool. So, let’s take this one step further:

Choose the square with the rounded edges and place it anywhere on the spreadsheet.

Select the box and go into the formula bar and type: =B2

Now, you’ve got a number inside a box that really looks more like a die. Just gotta add a second square for =D2 and make a pair of dice.

Rogerio Cardoso says:

Do not forget that in certain applications you need to turn off automatic recalculation excel.
For every change of values ​​in any cell, the data value changes, and the number generated by the dice, too.

Best regards

Marieswaran says:

Also can this formula, =RANDBETWEEN(1,6)

XLCalibre says:

Nice tutorial, clear and easy to follow.
I made something like this recently, but I took Oz’s comment further and put in pictures of dice, and made Excel read the numbers out loud:

Craig Charley says:

I like how our tutorial is progressing!

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