Excel Function Keyboard Shortcuts

Two posts into our run down of Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts and we’re getting stuck to the nitty gritty of functions, so now you have your navigation keyboard shortcuts and formatting keyboard shortcuts mastered you are prepared to take on some of Excel’s more specialised functionality and more advanced formatting.

Excel Keyboard

Using these key combinations you will be able to quickly summon functions which will hopefully be able to use to formulate, tabulate and graphically represent your data to give it meaning and context.

 F10 Possibly the most important button for time saving purposes. Pressing F10 toggles the key tips on and off, making it possible to navigate through nearly all of Excel all through using keyboard keys.
 shift + F10 Acts the same as right clicking on a mouse, bringing up the shortcut menu, without using the mouse!
 shift Feeling stuck? Then hit F1 to bring up the help menu.
 shift Press this while selecting a cell to be able to edit the cell contents as if in the formula bar.
 shift + F10 Press these two buttons together to bring up the Insert Function box, complete with function search feature. Using these functions you can quickly and easily set up formulae within a cell.
 shift + F10 Write a comment for the cell; a great feature for shared projects.
 alt + F8 Brings up the Macro control panel. Read below* to find out more about macros and how they can help cut your spreadsheet work time.
 ctrl + u This brings up the more advanced macro creator, where you create macros using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor.

*Macros allow you to create a set of instructions which can then be set up to be triggered by a key press. For more information on macros be sure to have a read of our Time Saving Tips for Excel article. 

 F10 + F1 Shows and hides the top navigation bar, or Ribbon.
 shift This repeats the last action made.
 shift Brings up the Go To menu, allowing you to easily move around your worksheet to relevant cells. Great for large spreadsheets!
 shift Run a spell check on your worksheet.
 shift Once pressed you can extend your cell selection from the cell you currently have selected to wherever you click on next.
 shift Refreshes all formulae in all worksheet, so you can update results
 shift Automatically creates a chart for any data selected. The chart can then be edited in the design panel in the Ribbon at the top of the screen.

And now for some extra formatting options you may not know about.

 shift + shift + $ Makes selected cell’s formatting currency
 shift + shift + percent Changes selected cell’s formatting to percentage
 shift + shift + F8 Changes selected cell’s formatting to time, using hours, minutes, AM or PM.
 shift + shift + & Puts a boarder around the currently selected cell.

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