Excel Training: Calculating Highest & Lowest Numbers

If you’ve got a massive list of numbers in Excel – say product prices, or students scores in a test, and you want to find the highest or lowest value – sifting through all of the entries to find it could take hours!

One solution is to sort your data from lowest to highest, but that’s not always a practical option – especially in Excel spreadsheets that hold a lot of other data.

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Luckily – Excel has a function to help you to identify the highest and lowest numbers in a list.

In this short Excel training tutorial we show you how:

Excel Training: Finding Highest and Lowest Numbers:

Lowest number:

The function for finding the lowest number in a list is =MIN()

So – in the cell where you want the answer to be displayed, type in =MIN()

Now – between the brackets – enter the range of cells that you want to search from – e.g B1:B10. If the data isn’t all in one list you can also separate multiple locations with commas – e.g “B1,A1,C10:C15″


Highest Number

The function for finding the highest number in the list works in the same way – but the function is MAX.

In our example below, the function to type is =MAX(B10:B15).



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