How to save information on a shared Excel Spreadsheet

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If you want to create an Excel Spreadsheet which you want to share between multiple computers then this is a very useful tool for a busy workplace that needs to be up to date.

First you need to open the document you want to share with other people. You will need to create your own individual user name so that others know who has changed what.

To do this you need to click on the –

  • Microsoft Office button
  • Click Excel Options
  • Click on Popular
  • and then type your name in the User Name field
  • Then click OK

Now that you have your username set up you now need to change the spreadsheets security settings. Click on the –

  • Review Tab
  • Click on Share Workbook
  • Tick the box that says ‘Allow changes by more than one user at the same time. This also allows workbook merging’
  • You can also click on the Advanced Tab if you want to change any of the Update Settings, its all a matter of preference.

You can now edit a spreadsheet by multiple people at the same time, when you do update; others will see it and a box will appear over it saying your name.


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