Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel 2007

Select All The ThingsHave you ever stared in awe as you watched a blur of fingers pull off tasks in Microsoft Excel at break neck speeds while you opt to complete similar tasks through using the mouse? The speed and accuracy experienced spreadsheet jockeys can achieve is no accident but through the picking up of keyboard shortcuts which can hasten the most complex of tasks.

But how do you leave the dependence of your trusty mouse and make the move over to becoming one of the Excel power user elite? Like anything it’s practice, but without knowing what to practice you may never get off the ground. This is why we have put together this handy tip sheet of some of our favourite keyboard navigation shortcuts for Excel 2007 to get you started. Once you have got the navigation down then we can get into some of the more meaty tasks such as functions, formatting and cell manipulations, but first give these a try and see if it speeds up your work.

ctrl +  shift + + Once a row has been selected press these three keys together to insert a new row or column
ctrl + space Select a column
shift + space Select a row
ctrl + arrow Quickly move to the edge of your data range in the direction you press the arrow key
shift + arrow When selecting cells you can add additional cells one at a time
shift + enter Auto-complete the cell you are in and automatically select the cell above
ctrl +  enter Auto-complete the cell you are in without moving to another cell
enter Auto-complete the cell you are in and moves down to the next cell
ctrl + home Takes you back to the beginning of the worksheet
alt + enter Gives you a new line within the existing cell to write in
ctrl + shift + home Select all cells going back to the beginning of the worksheet
alt + page down Quickly shifts the screen along to the right to the next part of the worksheet. For example, by pressing this on cell A1 you will be shifted to AB1. Pressing “page up” will move the worksheet to the left
ctrl + page down Sends you to the next sheet (the tabs at the bottom of the sheet). Use “page up” to skip to the worksheet to the left
tab Move to the next cell on the right. Hold shift to move to the left
ctrl + tab Switch between open Excel files. Press this while holding “Shift” to toggle between files in the reverse order
ctrl +  shift + space Select everything in the worksheet
delete Clear the anything in the cell. Press this when multiple cells are selected to remove data from all selected cells

We will be posting more Excel shortcuts in the future, so keep your eyes peeled, but for now why not look at some more of our Time Saving Tips for Excel.


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