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Microsoft Excel Tutorial: Scenarios

This week’s Microsoft Excel tutorial is from one of our excellent Excel trainers, Jane. In this tutorial Jane shows us how to set up and show scenarios using Excel’s What-If tools.

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“The What-If Analysis tools in Excel enable the changing of values in cells to see how those changes affect the outcome of formulae. The Scenario Manager allows different scenarios to be created, for example to view results using different suppliers or for best  and worst case sales results.

Tip: The Scenario Report will use cell references, so naming the cells that will be used first, will make you scenarios much easier to read.

Setting Up A Scenario

  1. From the data tab, in the data tools group click what-if analysis.
  2. Select scenario manager and click on ADD to add a scenario.excel-scenario-tutorial
  3. In the SCENARIO NAME box, enter a name for the scenario.
  4. In the CHANGING CELLS box enter the cell address for the area you want to change or highlight it on the worksheet, then click OK.
  5. To change the current input values, click into the relevant box and enter the new values.
  6. Click on OK when you have finished.
  7. If you want to add additional scenarios click on ADD. Read the rest of “Microsoft Excel Tutorial: Scenarios”

Excel 2010 Tutorial – Pivot Table Slicers

excel-tutorial-pivot-table-slicersPivot Tables are covered in detail on our Advanced Excel Training course. However,  for some basic pivot table tips, read How to Create a Pivot Table and How to Change the Function of a Pivot Table. If pivot tables are a bit advanced for you and you’re looking to start afresh then our beginners Excel Training might be perfect for you. Click the link to read the full course description.

Pivot Table Slicers Tutorial

In a Pivot Table you can apply filters to your data, using the report filter and by filtering within the row or column fields. When using the multiple items in a report filter it is not obvious which criteria you have specified and likewise with the row and column filters.

So what can you do? The answer is to use Slicers in Excel 2010 and this is how to do it: Read the rest of “Excel 2010 Tutorial – Pivot Table Slicers”

Excel Function Keyboard Shortcuts

Two posts into our run down of Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts and we’re getting stuck to the nitty gritty of functions, so now you have your navigation keyboard shortcuts and formatting keyboard shortcuts mastered you are prepared to take on some of Excel’s more specialised functionality and more advanced formatting.

Excel Keyboard

Using these key combinations you will be able to quickly summon functions which will hopefully be able to use to formulate, tabulate and graphically represent your data to give it meaning and context. Read the rest of “Excel Function Keyboard Shortcuts”

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