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From first time Excel users to advanced VBA experts, we offer Excel training courses to suit all abilities. Our popular Excel beginners courses are ideal for learning the basics of Microsoft's flagship spreadsheet application but we also offer advanced & tailored courses as well as a VBA for Excel course.

Microsoft Excel Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel Keyboard ShortcutsAfter the popularity of our previous Microsoft Excel shortcut tutorial post we have decided to follow it up so you can be introduced to using keys for performing formatting. Hopefully you are now using your mouse far less after using our navigation shortcut guide. If not, be sure to have a run through of it first.

Many of these shortcuts can be used across many programs within the Microsoft Office suite, so they can be invaluable to learn in order to speed up your regular day to day tasks. Read the rest of “Microsoft Excel Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts”

Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel 2007

Select All The ThingsHave you ever stared in awe as you watched a blur of fingers pull off tasks in Microsoft Excel at break neck speeds while you opt to complete similar tasks through using the mouse? The speed and accuracy experienced spreadsheet jockeys can achieve is no accident but through the picking up of keyboard shortcuts which can hasten the most complex of tasks.

But how do you leave the dependence of your trusty mouse and make the move over to becoming one of the Excel power user elite? Like anything it’s practice, but without knowing what to practice you may never get off the ground. This is why we have put together this handy tip sheet of some of our favourite keyboard navigation shortcuts for Excel 2007 to get you started. Once you have got the navigation down then we can get into some of the more meaty tasks such as functions, formatting and cell manipulations, but first give these a try and see if it speeds up your work. Read the rest of “Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel 2007″

Joining Cells in Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorial

This tutorial is compiled using Excel 2007 but should work on all versions of Microsoft Excel.

Often when using Excel you want to keep values in separate columns but also present them together. For example, when compiling a list of names you would want:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Full Name

You may also then want to add in numerical data as well. Let’s say this is for a customer list you may want customer ID and date contacted. Now your columns look like this:


  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Full Name
  • Customer ID
  • Date Contacted
  • All Details

Immediately you realise that all the data in the ‘Full Name’ and ‘All Details’ columns is already entered. Instead of typing everything out twice – which often results in mistakes – you can use an Excel function to join multiple cells together. Here is how to join cells containing text and numbers: Read the rest of “Joining Cells in Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorial”

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